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Update 8-18-19:

**Now Accepting All Reasonable Offers**

I'm now facing unexpected health challenges. While pedaling my bike across the country, I suffered a major stroke on July 17 (more details are available on my Instagram semi-blog at wgrushin). I currently have limited use of my right arm & hand. I have significant physical challenges to recover full functionality. I need to move these beautiful animals to good homes. I also must pay a growing pile of medical bills, otherwise, I would offer them free for adoption. I will not be taking any new photos.

Available Boas & Caging

Update 10-14-18:
Well I've finally finished! Well, except one in shed. Yes, it took a long while. Thanks to so many of you who have been very patient. The available page now shows all the remaining boas.....currently I have 53 43 animals left in my care. There are many outstanding slow grown boas still here.

August 21, 2017:
Contrary to some speculation, I haven't yet expired. However, my web site did. Let me explain. As many of you know, I'm a high school teacher. I planned an extremely ambitious trip for my summer "vacation". I intended to pedal a bike nearly 5,000 miles across America from Carolina Beach NC to Astoria OR and still get back on time for the next school year. I had 50 days. A few days into that journey, I found out that the server that hosted my web site had failed. The really terrible news was that the backup hard drive had also failed. The odds of a simultaneous double hard drive failure are really really low. It happened to me. Many methods & attempts were made to recover the files & data. These attempts were unsuccessful. I had no access to computers as I was pedaling 100 miles a day across rural America with just the gear on my bike. The events & timing of the events were unfortunate. As I was pedaling across America, I had a lot of time for the reality to sink in. My web site was heavily dependent on a database structure. I had been building that database with information & photos for 15 years. Fifteen years of time & effort were gone. I would not be able to resurrect that site. Even though I had made the decision to stop breeding boas, I had every intention to keep that site up so hobbyists who purchased from me would have access to all the genetic lineage data. So what now? I did complete the journey. Against all odds, I managed to pedal 4,734 miles in 47 days and made it back on time for school. With the beginning of a new school year & trying to catch up with my life after being gone 50 days, I just haven't had time to deal with this issue. I still have 82 70 boas in my care. They are all for sale. There are many that are of exceptional quality & lineage. My plan is to build & maintain a very basic site. The main problem is that I now have to re-photograph all of the animals. This will be a slow, tedious process but it needs to get done. I hope you will take a look and consider an addition to your projects from these lines that I've cultivated for years.
William "Gray" Rushin

Available Boas & Caging